Legal Ethics and Malpractice

“KaiserDillon has the pedigree of a large firm – smart attorneys with outstanding credentials and vast legal experience – but it provides one-on-one attention like you would get from a small firm.” – The Legal 500

We represent clients in legal ethics and malpractice cases. There are two kinds of work we do in this area.

First, we help lawyers.

We help and advise lawyers with how to comply with their legal obligations and their professional lives. Our lawyers have represented lawyers who are departing law firms or where law firms are dissolving. We have advised lawyers who are forming new law firms. And we’ve helped lawyers understand what their ethical obligations are as they practice law.

Second, we help clients.

We believe that when a client has a dispute with her lawyer, that client deserves representation too. We represent clients in malpractice claims against their prior lawyers. If a lawyer makes a mistake, it shouldn’t be the client who pays the price.

Both kinds of cases require that we understand the specialized and evolving laws and regulations that govern the professional responsibility obligations of lawyers.

Partner Matt Kaiser leads this practice group and is experienced with the unique challenges and law associated with this practice. Matt Kaiser is active in the DC area in the professional responsibility community. He is an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center, where he teaches legal ethics. He is a member of D.C.’s Board on Professional Responsibility, a nine-member board that is responsible for the attorney disciplinary system and is appointed by the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Bill Pittard is an experienced civil litigator who has represented lawyers – and other professionals – in civil cases alleging that they have violated their duties to their clients. As the former Acting General Counsel of the House of Representatives, he has a wealth of experience advising on compliance with a professional’s duties.

Law 360 – “Handling Corporate Congressional Probes In The Trump Era” co-authored by Bill Pittard

Matt Kaiser and Justin Dillon in The Washington Post: The Education Department wants to make campus sexual misconduct hearings fairer. It should go further.

Law360 – “The Latest On Sexual Harassment Reform On The Hill” by Bill Pittard

Law 360 – “When Russia Investigations Collide” by Bill Pittard

Justin Dillon and Matt Kaiser Publish Op-Ed: Minnesota’s Failed Football Boycott Was a Blow to Fairness in Campus Sexual Assault Hearings

Justin Dillon and Matt Kaiser Publish Op-Ed in Los Angeles Times: Absurdity Reigns in Campus Sexual Assault Trials.

Justin Dillon Publishes Op-Ed on Why We Are Suing the Government on Behalf of Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Matt Kaiser Guest Blogs on Washington Legal Foundation The Legal Pulse: Overcriminalization Timeline: Mens Rea, Public Welfare Offenses and Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine

Matt Kaiser and Justin Dillon Publish an Editorial in the Los Angeles Times: How to Punish Campus Sexual Assault

Matt Kaiser Publishes an Editorial in The Washington Times: Being an Executive is not a Crime

Matt Kaiser and Justin Dillon Publish Editorial in LA Times: Why It’s Unfair for Colleges to Use Outside Investigators in Rape Cases.

Justin Dillon and Matt Kaiser Publish Op-Ed in the National Law Journal: The DOJ’s Crackdown on White-Collar Crime Creates ‘Cruel Alternative’

Matt Kaiser and Justin Dillon Publish Op-ed in The Weekly Standard: The Campus Sex Scene: How Congress Can Make It Worse

Justin Dillon and Matt Kaiser Publish Op-ed in The Washington Post: We’ve defended lots of campus sexual assault cases, so we know just how unfair they are

Matt Kaiser Publishes Editorial in Baltimore Sun: A Minimum of Reform

Justin Dillon and Matt Kaiser Publish Op-Ed in San Diego Union-Tribune: California Bill Won’t Solve Sexual Assault Problem on Campus

Justin Dillon and Matt Kaiser Publish Op-Ed in Boston Herald: College Courts Flunks Fairness Test

Matt Kaiser Publishes an Article for Time Magazine: Some Rules about Consent are “Unfair” to Male Students”

Matt Kaiser and Justin Dillon Publish an Editorial in the Wall Street Journal: The White House Flunks a Test on Sexual Assault

Matt Kaiser and Justin Dillon Publish a Letter to the Editor in the New York Times: The Rights of the Accused

Jennifer Short authors “The False Claims Act,” and “Settling With The Government,” in The Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2010 by the Practicing Law Institute in June 2010.

Publication by Jennifer Short appears in the Holland & Knight Health Law and Life Science Alert, titled “Health Care Reform: While Debate Rages, Enforcement Proposals Take Shape.” This article was published August 2009.

In May 2009, Jennifer Short pens and publishes an article titled “President Obama Signs Landmark Anti-Fraud Bill Into Law,” in the Holland & Knight Government Contracts Alert.

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