KaiserDillon PLLC is a team of attorneys who practice law for the right reason - to help people and to give them the champion that they deserve.

Our clients are either individuals or small companies. Every one of our cases has a person at the heart of it who we need to protect, advise, and fight for.

We take seriously being our client's voice. And we can be the voice of our clients only if we understand how our clients' legal situation affects them, their families, and their futures.

We're here for our clients, when their futures are on the line.

Our Work
The Only Executive Who Was Not Prosecuted

An executive at a government contractor was approached by the FBI and other law enforcement about problems with his company. The government subpoenaed documents. They told him they wanted to talk to him about what his company had been doing.

The executive had his freedom on the line. Had he been prosecuted, the government also could have tried to take the millions of dollars his company made during the time he worked there...

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The Frivolous Claim Defeated

A former business partner of a client filed an arbitration claim against a real estate developer. She hired KaiserDillon PLLC to represent her with the claim.

The firm investigated and found that the signatures on a document that was the basis for the claim didn't match our clients. We hired a handwriting expert to examine them. Sure enough, the expert concluded that they were forged...

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Standing Up For A Small Business Against A Bully

A small business startup was sued in federal court by a larger and more well-established competitor. The competitor sought a preliminary injunction to try to shut the small business down.

The small business first hired an AmLaw 100 law firm to represent them. They quickly burned through more than a hundred thousand...

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The Investor Who Was Ripped Off, And Got His Money Back

man in retirement invested his money with a stockbroker. Because the man was retired, he spent a lot of time traveling. He didn't read the statements from his broker when they were mailed to him. He trusted that his stockbroker was only making the stock trades that he wanted to have made.

But the stockbroker wasn't doing what the man wanted. The stockbroker, instead, was making speculative day trades in the man's account...

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“Not Guilty” Verdict In A Fraud Trial

A former federal employee was accused of defrauding the United States. He had submitted a form requesting payment which had a false statement on it. The form was complicated. If he knew the statement was false, he was guilty of fraud. If he was simply confused by the form, he wasn’t...

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The Federal Employee Who Avoided The Worst

A federal employee was pulled into an Inspector General’s Office and told she was under investigation for a crime. Years of federal service were under her belt. Yet the OIG was focusing on one small part of her work for a few months in her career.

She hired KaiserDillon PLLC. We quickly learned that the situation was serious. A federal prosecutor was already monitoring the investigation. It looked like the OIG was intent on making a case...

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The Student Who Didn’t Get Kicked Out of School

A college student was found to have violated his school’s disciplinary code – by sexually assaulting another student. The school decided to suspend him – even though it hadn’t followed its own rules when it disciplined him. Even worse, the school was going to put a mark on his transcript, keeping him from applying to any other school...

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The Single Mother Who Gets To Stay With Her Kids

A single mother was accused of a very serious crime in federal court. The evidence was overwhelming. The sentencing guidelines that applied to her case called for her to spend almost ten years in a federal prison...

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Evidence Suppressed And Case Dismissed

Driving down the Baltimore Washington Parkway, a man realized he was going the wrong way and needed to turn around. He took the next exit.

Unwittingly, he found himself on the access road that leads to a checkpoint at the entrance to the NSA.

Unfortunately, he had contraband in the trunk of his car...

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Standing Up For A Small Business In A Contract Dispute

A small business had a contract. The company was going to expand, and to do it they needed help. Unfortunately, they hired the wrong person to help. Things didn’t work well. Then they took a turn for the worse.

The person the small company hired sued them, making all manner of allegations...

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Criminal Charges Dismissed

Law enforcement arrested a client of KaiserDillon PLLC on serious felony charges.

Attorneys at the firm investigated the charges. Our attorneys, along with an investigator and talked to people who saw what happened...

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A Small Business Owner Avoids Default Judgment

A small business owner received a curious letter from a local court. It said that he was subject to a default judgment in a lawsuit and that the court would soon decide how much to award to the person who was suing him.

Months earlier, his wife had been given a summons and a complaint at their home. His business partner told him not to worry about it – that he would “take care of it.”

The partner didn’t take care of it...

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The Graduate Student Who Saw His Charges Dropped

Minutes after finding his girlfriend with another man, a heartbroken graduate student left her angry voicemail messages and sent her several angry text messages.

The girlfriend then, tragically, attempted suicide.

When she recovered, she blamed the graduate student for what happened and filed a sexual misconduct charge against him - simply for sending her those angry messages, none of which had anything to do with sex...

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The undergraduate whose case was dismissed

An undergraduate at a prestigious university was charged with sexual misconduct nine months after the alleged incident had occurred. He hired a local criminal lawyer, with no experience in campus misconduct cases, to represent him in the hearing.

Two days before the hearing, he brought KaiserDillon PLLC in to consult with him about what he should argue...

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