Civil Litigation

“Their understanding and preparation made it easy for me to rely on their guidance and advice.” – The Legal 500

“…well positioned to represent corporations and high net worth clients facing complex litigation and/or investigations.” – Chambers & Partners

If you or your company are being sued, or if you and your organization have been wronged and are looking to the courts to make things right, KaiserDillon is here to be your advocate and your counselor. We’ll talk with you about what your options are and help you navigate them. Depending on what you decide, we’ll execute on that decision.

Our attorneys have a wide range of civil litigation experience: we have helped start-ups challenged by big brand competitors and small businesses embroiled in contractual disputes. We’ve represented directors, officers, employees and companies, big and small, in litigation threatening or vindicating their reputations and their finances. Whether you are seeking to disentangle yourself from a business partnership, or you have been treated unscrupulously by an investment professional, we are here to help.

Being involved in a lawsuit can be difficult – but working with a lawyer shouldn’t be. A lawsuit is something you want to handle quickly, efficiently, and smartly.

We will evaluate a lawsuit as a business proposition. Is what you can get from a lawsuit worth what you’ll have to give? We also take as much of the guesswork out of legal fees as possible.

We like to think with you about what the prospects for settlement are – at each stage of the case. There are some cases that have to go the distance – and we have the courtroom experience to do that. But others need to settle sooner than they do.

That may bring us fewer fees for this case, but we’d rather have the relationship with you for the next one.

And, when a case can’t be worked out, we’re there to fight for you until the end.

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If I’m being threatened with a lawsuit by someone in my life and it would be embarrassing, do I really need a lawyer? – Matt Kaiser