Small Business Civil Litigation

You aren't in business to be involved in litigation. You have places you want to go with your company - deals you want to do, products you want to sell, services you want to provide. A lawsuit is something you want to handle quickly, efficiently, and smartly.

Also, you want to win.

We look at a lawsuit as a business proposition. Is what you can get from a lawsuit worth what you'll have to give?

Of course, legal fees can be a big unknown in that question. We want to take as much of the guesswork out of legal fees as possible.

We like to think with you about what the prospects for settlement are - at each stage of the case. There are some cases that have to go the distance - and we have the courtroom experience to do that. But many more need to settle sooner than they do.

We will work with you to discern when in the life of a case a settlement should happen. When we see that opportunity, we'll explore it. It may bring us fewer fees for this case, but we'd rather have the relationship with you for the next one.

And, when a case can't be worked out, we're there to fight for you until the end.

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