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William Pittard’s Letter to the FBI Regarding Kavanaugh Investigation

KaiserDillon partner William Pittard represents Deborah Ramirez, one of the women who have alleged sexual misconduct by U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Two letters from Mr. Pittard to FBI Director Christopher A. Wray can be found here.

The letters attach affidavits from two witnesses who corroborate Ms. Ramirez’s account and who the FBI declined to interview as a part of its supplemental background check of Judge Kavanaugh. The letters also note that The New Yorker spoke with two additional witnesses who back up Ms. Ramirez; the FBI did not speak with these witnesses either.

Mr. Pittard notes that, in all, the FBI was given the names of more than 20 witnesses who could corroborate Ms. Ramirez’s description of Judge Kavanaugh’s conduct.

Mr. Pittard expressed “deep disappointment” in the agency’s failure to interview these additional witnesses. He notes that “[b]oth Ms. Ramirez and the search for truth have been ill-served.”

An earlier letter from Mr. Pittard to the Senate Judiciary Committee on behalf of Ms. Ramirez can be found here.