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Bill Pittard Discusses Ongoing Investigations into President Trump’s Alleged Russia Ties

Partner Bill Pittard was interviewed recently by the National Law Journal.  The interview focused on legal issues that may arise as criminal and congressional investigators seek information regarding alleged ties between, on the one hand, President Trump, his advisors, and his campaign, and, on the other hand, Russia and Russian interests.

Mr. Pittard explained that the ongoing, parallel investigations present challenges for potential witnesses, their counsel, and each other.  For example, when asked if Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation would have an impact on ongoing congressional investigations, Mr. Pittard noted that it will, “in the sense that witnesses are likely to be particularly reluctant to produce documents and testify.  And, they’re particularly likely to make noises about invoking their Fifth Amendment right to stay silent.”

Mr. Pittard previously served as the Deputy General Counsel and Acting General Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives.