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Scott Bernstein Authors Op-Ed in the Chicago Tribune: “The NCAA’s expansion of sexual violence policy is unfair to athletes”

In an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune, KaiserDillon attorney Scott Bernstein calls out the NCAA for its new sexual violence policy, which requires student athletes who want to transfer (a common occurrence in college sports) to disclose to their prospective school whether they have been the subject of “investigatory activity” related to “sexual, interpersonal or other acts of violence,” whether or not they have actually been found guilty of anything.  If athletes don’t make the disclosure, they could lose their eligibility.

Bernstein—noting that, “[i]n America, we don’t usually treat accusations as evidence”—points out that “the NCAA’s new policy solves a nonexistent problem on the backs of the very people it is supposed to look out for.”  And he explains: “It will stigmatize students who have done nothing wrong, even if they have been adjudicated to have done nothing wrong, and make it impossible for them to get a fresh start somewhere else.”

You can read Scott Bernstein’s full op-ed here.  And you can reach him at [email protected].