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Justin Dillon Quoted In the New York Times and Washington Post About New Title IX Regulations

When the Education Department issued its long-awaited Title IX regulations on May 6th, prominent media outlets asked Partner Justin Dillon to share his view of the new rules, given the firm’s deep experience in representing students in Title IX cases nationwide. He told The New York Times that the new regulations are a “huge victory for basic fairness and long overdue.”  In The Washington Post, he noted that “[t]he cross-examination requirement means that if you’re going to accuse someone of a terrible crime, you’re finally going to be asked hard questions about that.  That’s how it should be, given the stakes.” And in Reason, he praised the Education Secretary behind the rules, explaining that “[n]othing Betsy DeVos has done since she took office will have a more lasting effect on people’s lives than this.  It’s frankly inspiring to see how hard she and her staff have worked to get these regulations done and get them right.”

Finally, to help people, students, and professors understand what the new regime will mean for them, Justin has authored KaiserDillon’s Guide to the New Title IX Regulations, a thorough examination of how the regulations will work in practice.