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National News Outlets Turn to Justin Dillon for Comment on Proposed New Title IX Rules

When Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed new rules governing campus sexual assault on November 16, 2018, major news outlets turned to Justin Dillon of KaiserDillon to comment. Both The New York Times and National Public Radio interviewed Mr. Dillon about what the changes might mean for both accusers and accused students on college campuses.

“There is no better way to test the truthfulness of an accusation than by questioning the accuser during a live hearing,” Mr. Dillon told The Times. “If colleges are going to adjudicate what are essentially crimes, then accused students deserve to have the tools to defend themselves effectively.”

Mr. Dillon also published an opinion piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education, praising the reforms as “an important step toward restoring common sense and sanity in how these cases are handled…[and] a significant step forward” for both accusers and accused students.

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