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Matt Kaiser Teaches CLE on Ethics and Criminal Defense for DC Bar

On July 22nd, KaiserDillon Partner Matt Kaiser and Erika Stillabower, Ethics Counsel at the DC Bar, presented a CLE for the DC Bar on Ethics and Criminal Defense. Making use of Matt’s experience as a criminal defense lawyer and as an ethics lawyer, he and Ms. Stillabower an array of ethical issues that arise in criminal defense cases, including:

  • flat fees for criminal representations after In re Mance
  • the protocol for working with third party payers
  • the ethics of joint representations in criminal investigations
  • the process for dealing with a client or a witness who is set on giving testimony a lawyer knows to be perjury
  • terminating and withdrawing from representations, particularly with difficult clients
  • the options a lawyer has when responding to a petition for post-conviction relief after a client alleges ineffective assistance.