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Matt Kaiser Teaches CLE on Ethics and Criminal Defense for DC Bar

On Sept. 18, Matt Kaiser and Erika Stillabower, one of the Ethics Counsel who works for the D.C. Bar, taught a CLE for the DC Bar on Ethics and Criminal Defense. The CLE explored common ethical issues that arise in criminal defense cases, including:

  • flat fees for criminal representations after In re Mance
  • how to handle it when someone other than the client pays the legal fees
  • the ethics of joint representations in criminal investigations
  • how to handle a client or a witness who is set on giving testimony a lawyer knows to be perjury
  • terminating and withdrawing from representations, particularly with difficult clients
  • the options a lawyer has when responding to a petition for post-conviction relief alleging ineffective assistance.

Matt will be giving another Ethics CLE at KaiserDillon’s new offices at 1099 14th Street, NW, 8th Floor, Washington DC  at noon on Oct. 29th. Registration is free but space is limited. If you’re interesting attending, please sign up soon.