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Matt Kaiser to Speak on AI and Investigations at the 2018 International Bar Association Conference 

On October 11, Matt Kaiser will present at the International Bar Association’s Annual Conference in Rome, Italy.

The panel is called “Lawyers versus machines: how to understand artificial intelligence and the future of investigations.”

The panel discussion with experts from all over the world will address how the growing amount of data collected in the course of government and corporate investigations makes it increasingly impossible for lawyers to undertake the analysis of the data without relying on artificial intelligence techniques.  The purpose of the session is to identify and discuss the implications of these developments, the challenges that they pose to the legal profession, and how different countries respond to these changes. There are a number of competing considerations: personal privacy; the state of the technology; the rights of those accused of crimes; and the unique position and duties of lawyers.

As an American lawyer with experience in both legal ethics and government investigations, Matt will speak on how AI is used to investigate white collar cases on both the government and defense sides, as well as the unique legal ethics issues presented by the use of Artificial Intelligence.