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Matt Kaiser publishes “Criminal Defense Victories in the Federal Courts”

Matt Kaiser has published “Criminal Defense Victories in the Federal Circuits“, a book that provides what every defense attorney worth his salt needs to read. Driven by Matt Kaiser’s signature blend of intellect and humor (and chapter headings that will grab your attention, and not let go), the book summarizes all the recent Federal Circuit decisions that resulted in defense verdicts,” said Barak Cohen, senior counsel with Perkins Coie, of the book. “That it also happens to be a good read, written in language that you don’t have to be a lawyer to understand, is an added bonus.”

CDV is excellent legal analysis told in a funny and charming style that defines Matt Kaiser’s writing,” said Mark E. Schamel, a partner with Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP. “From ‘Really bad fake documents are not really fake documents at all’ to ‘Sometimes the problem with the jury system is the jurors’ Matt Kaiser’s fun and easy writing style makes this a must read for anyone who even thinks they want to be a criminal defense attorney.”

“Those of us who practice criminal defense in a federal court often don’t have much cause to celebrate victories. I hope my book is a useful and interesting tool for anyone researching these cases,” said Matt.