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KaiserDillon Welcomes Former Assistant Federal Public Defender, Tony Miles as Senior Counsel

KaiserDillon PLLC is pleased to announce that Tony Miles, a former Assistant Federal Public Defender for the District of Columbia, has joined the firm as Senior Counsel. With more than a dozen acquittals in federal court, Mr. Miles brings to KaiserDillon broad experience and noted success in defending people accused of federal crimes, from white collar cases such as fraud, bribery, and embezzlement to charges involving child exploitation, controlled substances, immigration matters, and firearms.

Prior to his role as Assistant Federal Public Defender, Tony worked as a Staff Attorney with the South Carolina Death Penalty Resource Center. He also worked with a team of attorneys assisting individuals facing the death penalty; his efforts contributing to the release of a person wrongfully sentenced to death.

“Tony has represented people when the stakes are the highest they can possibly be, and his level of commitment to justice is just incredible,” said founding partner Matt Kaiser. “He is a fantastic lawyer, and we’re very happy to have him on our team.”