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Justin Dillon Speaks at Harvard Law School Regarding Title IX Issues

On April 8, Partner Justin Dillon spoke on a panel at Harvard Law School regarding current issues in Title IX enforcement on college campuses.  During the panel—Title IX and Campus Sexual Assault: A View from the Trenches—Mr. Dillon drew from his experience in defending dozens of students nationwide accused of sexual misconduct on campus. “One of the biggest lies that schools tell in these processes,” said Mr. Dillon said, “is that this isn’t a criminal process, it’s an ‘educational’ process. That is ridiculous. Because it is life-changing.”

Mr. Dillon also noted that the breadth of most sexual misconduct policies winds up lumping in one category a wide variety of behaviors that look nothing like each other. “I think we’ve radically defined rape down.  We’ve defined sexual assault down,” Mr. Dillon said. “If everything is sexual assault, then nothing is sexual assault. And I think that’s a problem, and I think that’s you end up often in some of these cases with absurd results that don’t track how people have sex or interact in the real world.”

Mr. Dillon has also been invited by the Dean of Harvard Law School to speak on Title IX issues at the school’s 200th anniversary celebration, to be held in October of 2017.

A link to the video can be found here: 04/08/2017 Spring 2017 Reunions