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Justin Dillon Featured in NPR Story on New Title IX Guidance

NPR recently interviewed KaiserDillon partner Justin Dillon about a lawsuit that some victims’ rights groups filed against the Department of Education for issuing guidance intended to increase due process protections for students accused of sexual misconduct on campus. Dillon did not mince words.

“It is completely frivolous,” Dillon said of the lawsuit.

Dillon explained that although schools are awaiting permanent guidance from the Department before changing their policies, some schools have already taken steps to make their rules fairer – such as by giving accused students more detailed notice of the charges against them or imposing less draconian interim measures on them.

Where the rules haven’t changed, Dillon said, the new guidance makes it easier to fight unfair treatment of accused students. For example, when a school kicked one of his clients off campus, Dillon used the guidance to fight back. “I went to them and cited the guidance, and said, ‘You can’t do this, you’re interfering with his education,’” Dillon told NPR. “And in that case, I was able to persuade them to let him back on campus.”

Justin Dillon can be reached at [email protected].  Read more about the firm’s Title IX Defense practice here.