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Interview Published With Title IX Lawyer Justin Dillon On What It’s Like Working In This Growing Field

When researching 41 Legal Practice Areas That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago, looked to Justin Dillon of KaiserDillon to address what it’s like practicing in the ever-growing field of Title IX Defense Law. Their profile of Mr. Dillon shines a light on both his experience and passion to ensure all students, both the accuser and the accused, receive fair treatment in sexual assault cases.

“Many schools’ Title IX processes are so infected with gender bias that it would blow your hair back,” Mr. Dillon told “We also see a lot of schools violating basic principles of due process, by doing things like giving accused students insufficient notice of the charges against them or denying them access to the evidence that’s going to be used against them. We’re not supposed to convict people based on secret evidence in America. But some schools still think that’s OK when you’re charged with a sex offense on a college campus. It’s shameful.”

Mr. Dillon also spoke about what drives him when it came to Title IX work, sharing that “it’s one of the most deeply personal kinds of law you can practice. You’re holding someone’s future in your hands. And you’re fighting an institution that, nine times out of ten, doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about treating them fairly.”

KaiserDillon has represented more than 100 students and professors at more than 80 institutions across the country in Title IX matters. To find out more about the firm’s work in this area, please click here.