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FIRE Taps KaiserDillon Attorneys Justin Dillon & Chris Muha to Author “Title IX Hearings and Litigation: A Practitioner’s Guide”

Today, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education released Title IX Hearings and Litigation: A Practitioner’s Guide, a book designed for lawyers who handle campus sexual misconduct cases both on campus and in court.  The book’s lead co-authors are KaiserDillon Partner Justin Dillon and Counsel Chris Muha, who together have represented scores of students in such cases at more than 100 schools nationwide.  It is available in both print and electronic form here for members of FIRE’s legal network.

Drawing on their extensive experience in Title IX matters, Mr. Dillon and Mr. Muha wrote the book at FIRE’s request to help students and their lawyers defend themselves both on campus and in court.  They hope that it will help even the playing field for both students accused of Title IX violations and the lawyers who seek to help them.

“I never say ‘no’ to FIRE and am honored that they asked our firm to write this book for them,” said Mr. Dillon.  “Chris and I truly hope it will make a difference as students fight both on and off campus to vindicate their rights in Title IX cases.”

Mr. Dillon and Mr. Muha co-authored the book with attorneys Patricia Hamill and Lorie Dakessian from the Philadelphia firm Conrad O’Brien, P.C..  In its press release announcing the book’s release, FIRE called Mr. Dillon and Ms. Hamill “the best of the best” and stated that “[a]ll attorneys should have this guide on hand from the moment they’re hired by a campus client.”

This is not the first time that KaiserDillon has collaborated with FIRE on Title IX issues.  In 2016, FIRE hired the firm to sue the United States Department of Education over the illegally promulgated 2011 “Dear Colleague Letter,” which is widely credited with creating the modern era of unbalanced, ideologically driven Title IX enforcement on campus.

For more information about KaiserDillon’s Title IX activities, please visit our website.