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Bill Pittard Featured in Law 360: “When Russia Investigations Collide”

Partner Bill Pittard, former Acting General Counsel and Deputy General Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives, published his analysis in Law 360 of the concurrent investigations being conducted by Congress and the Special Counsel into possible Russian interference with the US elections.

His article explains the similar and differing objectives of each process, and how they may get in each other’s way.

Pittard points out that “(t)he most urgent potential for conflict in the current situation lies in the question of immunity and the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.” Any grant of immunity from Congress could significantly interfere with the progress of the Special Counsel’s investigation. “For example, the Special Counsel would be barred from use not only of the witness’s immunized testimony itself, but also of any evidence developed from that testimony. It can be daunting for a prosecutor to establish that all of its evidence was derived independently of leads generated by immunized testimony—as we saw, for example, in the criminal prosecution of Oliver North.”

Download the full article here.