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Bill Pittard Featured in Law 360 – “The Latest On Sexual Harassment Reform On The Hill” How Congress is reacting to #MeToo

Partner Bill Pittard recently wrote about sexual harassment on the Hill and pending legislative reforms. Bill’s article was featured over several days in Law 360’s Expert Analysis forum.

In the article, Bill explains the current legal structure for the handling of sexual harassment allegations on the Hill. That structure dates from Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America,” and the associated effort to provide in the congressional workplace the same protections that Congress already had extended to private sector workplaces.

Bill’s article also chronicles the ongoing efforts in the House, in the context of the current #MeToo movement, to reform the current legal structure. The proposed reforms include providing free legal services for employees with sexual harassment concerns, and requiring Members to pay certain settlements and judgments out of their own pockets.

With the House now having passed legislation, attention shifts to the Senate. Stay tuned…