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Bill Pittard Discusses Congressional Investigations on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Partner William Pittard joined C-SPAN’s Washington Journal this week.  The hour-long, live television appearance focused on the role of the Office of General Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives, particularly in ongoing disputes regarding congressional oversight of the Trump Administration.  Moderator and host John McArdle led a general discussion of congressional oversight, as well as a recap of past and present oversight battles between the Article I and Article II branches.  The show allowed callers to ask questions about the topics at hand.

Mr. Pittard served in the House Office of General Counsel for approximately 5½ years, between 2011 and 2016.  For the bulk of his tenure, he served as the House’s Deputy General Counsel.  He also served as the House’s Acting General Counsel.  In those roles, Mr. Pittard’s work included advising House committees in their oversight efforts, and particularly in their efforts to secure documents and testimony.  Now at KaiserDillon, Mr. Pittard focuses a substantial portion of his practice on advising individuals and entities in interacting with congressional committees.

The segment has re-aired, in whole or in part, multiple times on C-SPAN.  You can watch a replay here.