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The Associated Press Quotes Justin Dillon on Push for Colleges to Note Sexual Misconduct on Transcripts

Drawing on his experience defending dozens of students accused of sexual misconduct, partner Justin Dillon was recently quoted by the Associated Press about a growing push for colleges to note sexual misconduct findings on student transcripts.

States like New York and Virginia have already enacted these efforts into law, and California is considering similar legislation.  Proponents of the legislation argue that it will help colleges and employers identify potential sexual predators, but Justin said that’s not true and that the legislation would simply magnify the life-ruining impact on the wrongly accused, given the low burden of proof to find someone responsible and the lack of due process provided in these proceedings.

“It is an uneven playing field from the start,” Justin was quoted as saying. “Regardless of what colleges want to say, the burden is always on the accused student to prove his innocence, not the other way around.”