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The Associated Press Interviews Justin Dillon about President Trump’s Legal Strategy

Partner Justin Dillon was recently interviewed by the Associated Press about President Trump’s aggressive legal strategy in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.  Mr. Dillon noted that whether Mr. Trump actually committed obstruction of justice, as some have argued he did, will turn on his state of mind at the time:

“If you can prove that there was something there and the president knew about it, then the obstruction case looks far stronger,” said Mr. Dillon. “But if it’s just, he’s acting impetuously because he doesn’t like having himself or his friends investigated for something he genuinely believes he didn’t do, then I think that’s a much harder case for obstruction.”

Mr. Dillon also noted that the President should probably rethink his Twitter-heavy approach to the case, cautioning that less is typically more when responding to a government investigation: “He probably can’t say nothing, but I think he should say as little as possible–and it should be so boring that it makes for bad copy,” he said.