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ABA Journal Looks to Partner William Pittard On Possible Congressional Responses to Compel the Release of Mueller’s Report

On Friday, March 22nd, Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his eagerly anticipated report regarding his investigations into the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 US Presidential election. Despite calls for a release of the full report, Attorney General William Barr so far has released only a summary of Mueller’s conclusions.

As Congress turns to possible legal action to compel the report’s release, the American Bar Association Journal reached out to KaiserDillon partner William Pittard for his input and expertise as the former Acting General Counsel for the US House of Representatives. In their article, Mr. Pittard explains that a refusal to release the full report could lead to a contempt of Congress finding. He further details three possible follow-on consequences, calling on his years in the House General Counsel’s office to detail the possible outcomes in each scenario.