Emily Voshell

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As a former public defender, Emily knows what it takes to represent someone when the stakes are high. She brings her years of criminal defense trial and litigation experience to her current practice where she defends individuals accused of crimes and under federal investigation, and students and professors in disciplinary proceedings.

Emily has led or co-chaired defense teams in over 16 jury and 30 bench trials on charges ranging from drug possession to life without parole felonies.

She now represents professionals in government and the private sector, including small business owners and employees, at all stages in federal investigations and prosecutions. Her extensive experience in investigations, negotiations, and trials enable her to fight for the best outcomes for her clients in complex and difficult situations.

Emily also represents individuals accused of crimes at all stages in the proceedings, from arrest to seeking post-conviction relief. She brings her eight years of experience as a public defender and extensive trial and post-trial litigation experience to fighting for people in criminal court.

In her campus disciplinary practice, Emily represents clients at all stages of the disciplinary process—from the very beginning of an investigation to bringing federal lawsuits against universities. Her experience as a public defender representing individuals accused of sexual misconduct has proved valuable in the campus disciplinary process as well, both in court and during the critical period of investigation before a matter even gets to the courtroom.

As a staff attorney in the Special Litigation Division of the Public Defender Service in Washington, DC, Emily litigated to obtain systemic reform for people accused and convicted of crimes in the nation’s capital. In addition to drafting pleadings, conducting hearings and representing clients seeking post-conviction relief, she also assisted in legislative reform and jury instruction revision.  She served as a member of the Service’s Forensic Practice Group.

At the New Orleans Public Defenders office, Emily acted as a trial attorney while supervising a team of attorneys, investigators, and client support staff. She also taught continuing legal education on litigating eyewitness identification cases.

Emily has spoken at conferences and trainings nationwide, from Mississippi to Idaho, on criminal and campus disciplinary defense matters.

She is actively barred in the District of Columbia, District Court for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, and is inactive in Louisiana.

  • J.D., New York University School of Law
  • B.A., The George Washington University, summa cum laude
Government Service
  • Supervising Attorney, Trial Division, Orleans Public Defenders
  • Staff Attorney, Special Litigation Division, Public Defender Service for the Public Defender Service of the District of Columbia

Emily Voshell

evoshell@kaiserdillon.com | P (202) 640-2850

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Emily Voshell

evoshell@kaiserdillon.com | P (202) 640-2850

Emily Voshell

evoshell@kaiserdillon.com | P (202) 640-2850

Some of the matters that Ms. Voshell has handled include:

  • Represented individuals in post-conviction criminal proceedings, including mounting challenges to ineffective assistance of counsel and faulty forensic practices.
  • Represented individuals accused of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to the most serious felonies and conducted numerous complex hearings and trials in association with that representation.
  • Represented small business owners and employees in federal government investigations and prosecutions for conspiracy, wire fraud, tax fraud, and false statements.
  • Represented individuals accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, including in the federal government and in academia.
  • Represented students in Title IX proceedings at colleges and universities across the country and in civil litigation associated with those proceedings.

Emily Voshell

evoshell@kaiserdillon.com | P (202) 640-2850